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trance blackman

the voice of reason
gets arrested for treason
when the puppets
and the muppets
carry on with their game

the sound of violence
cutting through the silence
when the army
goes on harming
in democracy's name

maybe it's time to be crazy
pull your head out from the hazy
tear up all the contracts
and demand what is right!

yes, we've been betrayed
the truth is not what is displayed
you know, you know we've been betrayed
but it's okay to have been played
because the revolution
breaks illusion
no confusion
will remain...

the love of money
makes the mind all funny
when the bankers
prove they're wankers
and incestual pests

there's no mistaking
that the world's awaking
turning sheeple
back to people
summoning all the best


(c)2013 nothing so right music


from The Reluctant Pilgrim, Part II, released December 23, 2016




Trance Blackman British Columbia

trance blackman is a multi-faceted singer, songwriter and producer. he also enjoys photography, and working in film/video/tv production.

speaking his mind through his music and lyrics, trance’s primary focus is in a humanist/spiritual domain, blending elements of philosophy, politics, self-realization and awareness. trance writes from conscious observation, personal experience, and introspection.
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