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Don't Leave Me
by Trance Blackman

Don’t leave me crying, crying all alone
Don’t leave me crying on my own

You are the world to me, my only means of escape
You are my reason to live on

I’m so alone now, so alone without you
I’m so alone without you girl

Etched in my soul, you see
Something forever will be

You’ve gotta believe me girl,
I need you with me now.
Oh I need you with me now.


Na na na na...
I need compassion, just to survive now
Don’t leave me crying on my own, no no.
Na na na na...
God knows that you’re the one, my one and only
Don’t leave me crying on my own, no no.
Leave me crying on my own..

You are my life blood, don’t ever take that from me
I need it for eternity

Come, let me take your hand, we’ll get away from this confusion
And live as we were meant to be

Don’t want no rivalry no, I want fulfilled destiny
So come and let me set you free

It’s no illusion, strictly reality
I’m calling with my heart now, take the chance with me

Won’t you take the chance with me..


Girl be good to me..
Instrumental fade out..

©1994, 2002 Nothing So Right Music (all rights reserved)


from Runaway - Special Edition, released December 1, 2001
Written & Composed by Trance Blackman




Trance Blackman British Columbia

trance blackman is a multi-faceted singer, songwriter and producer. he also enjoys photography, and working in film/video/tv production.

speaking his mind through his music and lyrics, trance’s primary focus is in a humanist/spiritual domain, blending elements of philosophy, politics, self-realization and awareness. trance writes from conscious observation, personal experience, and introspection.
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