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Rising Up
by Trance Blackman

I am in Paris
I am in France
I am in Germany
I am in Korea
I am in Afghanistan
I am in Australia
I am in Canada
I am in the United States of America

I am all around the world
I am everywhere
I am wondering
I am searching
I am experiencing

I am rising up
And I am free

I am growing
I am learning
I am hoping
I am yearning
I am loving
I am in love
I am walking

I am rising up
And I am free

I am free

I am free

©2003 Nothing So Right Music


from Wander​.​.​. Another Path (The Remixes), released July 1, 2003
Written & Composed by Trance Blackman




Trance Blackman British Columbia

trance blackman is a multi-faceted singer, songwriter and producer. he also enjoys photography, and working in film/video/tv production.

speaking his mind through his music and lyrics, trance’s primary focus is in a humanist/spiritual domain, blending elements of philosophy, politics, self-realization and awareness. trance writes from conscious observation, personal experience, and introspection.
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