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See the Sun [EuroSmoothMix]

from by Trance Blackman



a remix from the original recording on the Runaway album...


See the Sun
music & lyrics by Trance Blackman

You think that nothing ever goes your way,
You feel that everyone is your enemy
Desperate times, don’t be calling for desperate measures

You feel that some things aren’t meant to be,
You see your dreams sometimes turn into a fantasy
Please be wise, no falling down, never close your eyes,

‘Cause you’ve gotta see, you gotta see the sun now

See the sun, see the light of the morning,
radiance, love and
See the sun, don’t you know, don’t you know
there’s always tomorrow
See the sun, open up your eyes,
see the time, see the life ahead
See the sun, never lose faith,
never lose sight, never stop trying

Now maybe your heart’s broken, I know it hurts
And maybe your soul’s been shattered and lost
But with time, you’ll see, they will all mend themselves

You think that you’ve been made a fool of
You feel that everyone’s got some secret kept from you
But be wise, just believe in your heart, don’t close your eyes

‘Cause you’ve gotta see, you’ve gotta see the sun now


©1995, 2002 Nothing So Right Music (All Rights Reserved)


from Wander, released February 1, 2003
Written & Composed by Trance Blackman




Trance Blackman British Columbia

trance blackman is a multi-faceted singer, songwriter and producer. he also enjoys photography, and working in film/video/tv production.

speaking his mind through his music and lyrics, trance’s primary focus is in a humanist/spiritual domain, blending elements of philosophy, politics, self-realization and awareness. trance writes from conscious observation, personal experience, and introspection.
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