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you will make mistakes. so what?


"trip and fall"
by trance blackman

the billions echo strong
the journey goes life long
aspiring to change
but is it out of range?

the noise is in your face
it's always in your space
their business interests
attack you in the chest

picture something beautiful
imagine something wonderful
if we should trip and fall today
we're gonna get there anyway
embracing all that's magical
remembering we're powerful
if we should trip and fall today
we're gonna dance the night away

they say we're near the end
your will to break or bend
the story's getting old
but now you're feeling bold

they want to make you fight
to force you left or right
dramatic irony
it's when you learn to see


(C)2012 nothing so right music


from The Reluctant Pilgrim, Part I, released December 23, 2016




Trance Blackman British Columbia

trance blackman is a multi-faceted singer, songwriter and producer. he also enjoys photography, and working in film/video/tv production.

speaking his mind through his music and lyrics, trance’s primary focus is in a humanist/spiritual domain, blending elements of philosophy, politics, self-realization and awareness. trance writes from conscious observation, personal experience, and introspection.
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