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by Trance Blackman



released October 30, 2018


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Trance Blackman British Columbia

musician, singer-songwriter, photographer, filmmaker, writer, truth seeker

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Track Name: Indigo

seeing past the veil now
in between dimensions
for ascension
grab attention
for some good advice
a custom slice of the universe

born and wide awake now
open and receiving
for believing
and revealing
that we're in a place
a custom space in the universe

i am the indigo
you are the indigo
we are the indigo child!

up and in your face now
tearing up conventions
new inventions
with intentions
for a higher state
a perfect date with the universe

challenging the race now
standing in defiance
no alliance
or compliance
to the broken ways
in perfect phase with the universe


balancing the night with the light (4x)
and space...
in our perfect place...
in the universe


(c)2013 nothing so right music