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Real Me [The Fantabulous Mix]

from Wander​.​.​. Another Path (The Remixes) by Trance Blackman



Real Me
by Trance Blackman & Carly Thomas (Gypsy Butterfly)

I was trying to find my own place
Wondering where I'd fit in
Playing your game didn't work for me
So I made my own rules to win

A small child with such big dreams
Lost in a world of fear
No one to come stand beside me
To show me that they believed

Now I believe

I was good enough just being me
Who I was and what was inside
Good enough just being me
And that's something just couldn't see
The real me
Oh, the real me

An angel came and touched my pain
Showing me someone cared
Leaving a life far behind me
That no one even seemed to share

Now I compare



Good enough
Yes I was good enough


I'm good enough just being me
Who I am and what is inside
I'm good enough just being me
And it's something I want the world to see
Yeah, the real me
Yeah, the real me
Oh, the real me

©2003 Nothing So Right Music / Song of Joy Publishing (Canada)


from Wander​.​.​. Another Path (The Remixes), released July 1, 2003
Written by Carly Thomas (Gypsy Butterfly). Composed by Trance Blackman.




Trance Blackman British Columbia

Elevate, awaken, uplift.

Conscious vibes for an awakening collective. Rock, pop, dance/electronica, and instrumental.

Let love lead you.

Solvitur ambulando.

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